The Bodyshop Accident Repair and Recovery

Being involved in a collision can be a terrifying experience for any motorist. Whilst safety features on modern cars are more advanced than ever before, driver error still remains the number once cause of accidents on our roads today. Beyond the initial shock, any roadside accident, whether it be large or small can become a costly affair and an often lengthy process to resolve. That’s where we at the Bodyshop can help, whether you require private vehicle repair or an insurance claim our team of experts are on hand to provide the right assistance.

We have been an established vehicle repair centre since 1985 and our technicians have a wealth of experience behind them meaning we can guarantee that any repairs completed will be to the highest of industry standards. All estimates on the cost of your vehicle repair are computer generated where possible as we firmly believe in a transparent, fair pricing system for all our customers. Our service also includes an accident recovery process where we collect and deliver your vehicle free of charge once the necessary repairs have been completed. Should your vehicle be immobile, we can arrange to have it brought and securely stored on our premises. Our collection and delivery service covers all Essex and East London. Should you be making repairs through insurance we can liase with your insurance company to arrange a suitable replacement vehicle for you as we carry out the necessary repairs.

Here at the Bodyshop we believe in removing as much of the hassle and worry that can be associated with repairing a damaged vehicle as we possibly can. Call us today and speak to one of our technicians to help put your mind at ease.

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