The Bodyshop Talks – How to Spot a Bad Paint Job

Here at The Bodyshop, Ilford, we often have customers coming to us with bad paint jobs, pleading with our team to fix the mistakes that have been made. These problems can occur when other garages have tried to cut corners leaving you with pealing and cracking paint on the surface of your vehicle.

If you know what to look out for when finding a garage, it will be easier to identify quality work in the future. Below are some tips to help confirm the class of work being carried out on your car.

Over spray – This is essentially where remnants of paint are clearly in places they shouldn’t be. In some of the worst cases, there is ‘over spray’ over the entire vehicle. This can occur when a car has been poorly masked up for spot repair or in some cases hasn’t been masked up at all.

Paint matching – Uneven colour matching or blotching can happen when paints have been poorly matched or mixed. This can also be a sign of uneven application. Here at The Bodyshop we have a detailed process to ensure guaranteed paint matching.

Bubbling and peeling lacquer – Car lacquer is usually the clear top coat applied to give it a high gloss appearance. A common condition we see is named ‘orange peel’. This is normally where the dried paint has a similar appearance or finish to that of orange peel. This issue is often caused by either applying too much material, using an incorrect spray gun or simply having bad spraying technique.

Sags/runs – One of the most common types of errors when carrying out a paint job is poor spraying technique. This can leave your car with dried drips and waves in the paint. Depending on the severity of the runs and where they are located on the panels of your car it can sometimes be corrected by a professional and experienced spray painter.

Here at The Bodyshop we have over 30 years of experience in the motor industry so it’s safe to say your vehicle will be left in more than capable hands. Unlike other  car body shops we offer a 1 year guarantee with our paintwork. If you would like further information on our services then please get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 020 8500 9228.

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