The most expensive car crashes ever

Crashing your car is something that should be avoided like the plague. Aside from the potential for injury, the sheer damage caused can be financially catastrophic. Like most terrible things in life however, a crash is sometimes unavoidable.

As experts in car bodywork repairs in Ilford and the surrounding areas we have seen our fair share of car accidents and pride ourselves on getting them back to showroom quality as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that the average accident repair cost is less than one thousand pounds, there are certain collisions that stand out from the rest with their monumental costs.

expensive crash 1

I’ll begin with one of, if not, the most expensive car crash in history. The anonymous driver of this Ferrari 250 GTO had driven his car in races prior to his accident without any problems whatsoever. Yet, the moment he took the race onto the streets, unsurprisingly he was left with an astronomical repair bill. With the car in front of him stopping so suddenly, the Ferrari, which is probably worth more than most countries GDP made a crunch heard around the world. Whereas, before the car may have been worth between 30 and 35 million dollars, the owner would have been lucky to get a few million after the state he left it in.

expensive crash 2

As aforementioned, some car wrecks are simply unavoidable and on this occasion Mother Nature decided to play her part and bury this Ferrari 250 GT Spyder in the sand. Yes that’s right, the owner of this Ferrari, worth up to $12,200,000, was left with a pile of scrap metal after a hurricane got hold of it.

expensive crash 3

What on earth was this motorist thinking driving his Bugatti Veyron into the river? Full credit to him though for making it that far! Aside from the estimated $2,200,000 worth of repair, it looks like this so-called ‘legal’ driver could be forking out even more money in defence fees in order to keep him on the streets (and out of the water!)

expensive crash 4

Immediately you can tell this once magnificent supercar, worth between 1 and 4 million dollars, is now as much use to the driver, as it was when it first arrived at the garage in parts. Based on the evidence, this was a colossal car accident, which according to reports also involved a couple of Lamborghinis and additional Ferrari’s.  One thing is for certain; I wouldn’t like to be the driver who was responsible for this car crash!

Anyhow, I hope that the most expensive car accidents mentioned in this blog weren’t too upsetting for the vehicle enthusiasts out there. For expert repairs to your pride and joy, don’t hesitate to contact the bodyshop today. A member of our friendly, qualified staff will be more than happy to help!





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