The Summer Heat and Your Car…

You may already know this, but the sun’s glare is no good for your car, it is also worsened by the increased heat in summer. However do you know the exact effects? If not then take note from below, in order to reduce the damage to your car from the sun.

The effect of heat on your car is similar to putting your car in a large oven, here is what can happen:

  • Your vehicle’s interior will overheat. This can cause damage to leather seats and discolour your dashboard as the sun’s rays become similar to a greenhouse effect; it also goes without saying that a hot car is very uncomfortable to drive.
  • The heat can cause your car paint to fade, due to overexposure from the sun. Even more so, this can lead to paint cracking and eventually chipping off. This consequence is similar to dry skin getting chapped and flaky, so protection is necessary.
  • Remember last week’s blog related to washing your car? Well, the sun can cause stubborn water stains to the exterior of your car if you don’t dry it off properly. This is because the water marks simply become ‘baked’ onto the car.

The best way to avoid these undesirable outcomes is to park your car in shade, or don’t leave your car in the sun’s heat for long periods of time. However if you can’t help it (e.g. no suitable parking space) then there are other ways to reduce the damage:

  • Invest in a car cover.
  • Dry your car completely when washing it.
  • Wax your car regularly. This will add another layer of protection, to reflect the sun’s rays and minimize the effects of the summer heat.

The sun is here to stay all year, not just over the summer (when it’s most intense). For this reason it is important to follow the tips above.

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