TV and film’s 5 most iconic cars

It’s no secret that the bodyshop appreciate a beautiful car when we see one, repairing all makes and models from the trusty family saloon to your more exotic, prestigious vehicle. This week, we’ve turned back the clock, as we reminisce over the most iconic cars from film and TV! What do you think of our choices?


We start our list with James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which was initially picked to star in the 1964 hit film, Goldfinger. The sport cars elegance and popularity meant it also featured in Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale and most recently, Skyfall! On each occasion the gadget laden DB5 seemed even more enhanced than its predecessor. Over 50 years since it’s screen debut, in 1964, the aston martin db5 has most certainly left it’s mark on popular culture and will forever be associated with 007.

Now, you didn’t think I’d leave the robin reliant off my list did you? The most famous 3-wheel van around is in fact on display at the  ‘Cars of Stars’ exhibition at the National Motor museum, alongside other automotive legends – Lovely Jubbly! Having achieved a cult status following its use in the hit TV programme, Only Fools and Horses, I think it’s deserves to be there!

Herbie, the Love Bug, is a humanlike, racing vw beetle everyone has grown to love since it made it’s debut in 1969; so much so, people have even gone out of their way to create a fan site.  Other than, it’s most recent appearance in ‘Herbie Fully Loaded’; the car has starred in 5 other films and a very short TV series, including a TV remake of ‘The Love Bug’ in 1997.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – a car that can fly and turn into a speedboat! Now who wouldn’t want a car that can do that? Chris Evans is a name that springs to mind as someone who would. The radio 2 DJ is believed to have paid almost £500,000 for the iconic car before sending it off to be restored. Except there was one problem, he didn’t realise that the car is over 17 feet in length – garage problem! One thing that is for certain, this vehicle is indeed Truly Scrumptious.

Once an animated cartoon vehicle, the last car to feature on our list includes Scooby-Doo’s ‘The Mystery Machine.’ Even though, it could be considered a fictional car, many drivers have re-produced arguably the greatest ever-psychedelic paint job seen and made it a reality.

If you’re car needs restoring like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or a paint job like The Mystery Machine, as aforementioned, the bodyshop works with all makes and models, day in, day out. For more information and advice, get in touch with one of our trusted technicians today!


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