What does your vehicle say about you?

The bodyshop recognise that in this fast-paced world, upholding your personality and leaving a lasting impression matters. The way you socialise, talk and walk can say a lot about you. Even your choice of accessories, friends and clothes reflects small details of your personality. So what does your car say about you?

While many of you may think of a vehicle as a simple mode of transport, it automatically states a lot about you as a person. Is your car scratched or dented? Does it need a clean? Sometimes the way you treat your car can lead to assumptions about another person.

Car repair Essex, dented door, dented bumper, scratches to paintwork

MG Rover after repair. scratches to paintwork, dented bumper and dented door.

Imagine turning up to a meeting or job interview in a battered, old vehicle – it wouldn’t lead to the best first impression would it? The interviewer will naturally assume that you are lazy and in some cases, careless. Now, I’m not saying you should go out and buy the latest sports car, that solution is unnecessary and could prove down right expensive. What I am suggesting, however, is that you should maybe start thinking about repairing the damage to your cars bodywork.

Not only does a mistreated vehicle reflect poorly on you, but you could also end up making the problem worse the longer you decide to leave it. Car scratches, in particular, could rust over time, resulting in extra work and a sizeable bill. So stop putting it off any longer and get it sorted as soon as possible.

At the bodyshop, we have been repairing, modifying and converting your cars since 1985. Our wealth of experience and particular attention to detail means that you can leave your vehicle with us in confidence, knowing that we will do the very best job. All of our prices are computer generated, where possible, to ensure that you also receive the fairest price around. We will return your car to you looking as good as new, washed and cleaned, giving you that sense of freedom and pride.

Now there is a chance that the damage to your cars bodywork is through no fault of your own, which understandably would leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed. Surely you would want to get it repaired by the best in the business, right? To stop people from judging you on your car, give us a call to quickly put those dents right – we look forward to hearing from you!

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