What to Look Out for When Buying a Car – Part One

Buying a car is no doubt an exciting experience and you may think you’ve found your dream vehicle, hopefully along with an ideal price tag, but it’s important to ensure that you double check a few things first. By failing to make some simple checks you could be facing a costly first few months.

Without the knowledge of a qualified mechanic, it can be almost impossible to spot the problems and as a result the used-car market is a minefield.

Here at The Bodyshop, Ilford, we have decided to put together a short but informative guide to buying a car and what problems you will need to look out for.

Insurance Quote

First things first not only do you need to check the price of the car but the amount it’s going to cost to insure. This is essential if you’re a relatively new driver as insurance can be quite expensive, in some cases more than the car itself. We recommend getting several insurance quotes before even arranging to view the vehicle.

Check the engine

You will need to check under the bonnet to make sure that the engine is as it should be. Make sure that you check for leaks, so look for any signs of fluid running through the engine. Also make sure to look underneath the car for signs of an oil leak.

Check the body work of the car

This is such a simple check as visual inspections can be carried out by just looking at the car! You’re essentially searching for any signs of paint damage or replacement panels that could suggest that the vehicle has been in an accident.

Remember to check for rust on all metal body panels too. It will begin as bubbling under the paint, which eventually will force the paint off and rust through the metal.

If you do come across any damage to the body work of the car you have two options; you can either ask the seller to discount the price so you can fix it yourself, or insist that they fix it as part of the deal.

If you do encounter any paintwork issues, before or after the purchase of your new car, then The Bodyshop can help. With over 30 years of experience in the motor industry, your new car is in the hands of trusted professionals.

Some of our available body work and paint work services are; guaranteed paint matching, the SMART repair technique and three stage pearl paint.

If you would like some further information on our services or find yourself with a new car that appears to have some slight bumps, dents are scratches then get in touch today.

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