Wheel Refurbishment and Powder Coating

Resprayed wheels as to be fitted on out GT3 conversion

Here you see a set of wheels sprayed and ready to be fitted to our GT3 Conversion. We use two-pack High Solids for a tough, durable finish. In addition we removed the brake calipers from the Porsche and had them sandblasted and powder coated to red.

You can see more about our GT3 RS  elsewhere on our site.

The calipers as shown below have now been refurbished and fitted to a Porsche GT3

Wheel Refurbishment

wheel Refurbisment

Alloys can be diamond cut or colour coded as seen here

 Powder Coated Calipers

Calipers can show off your new wheels. We completely strip them down, powder coat to a colour of your choice and refit them to your vehicle with a service kit.

 Powder Coated Calipers

Wheel calipers powder coated to a colour of your choice

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