Winter Damaged Or Summer Ready? The Bodyshop Can Help

Performance wise your vehicle has made it through the winter without any major problems. So you consider yourself lucky and now it is time to start enjoying your car again on the dry roads and in the warm weather. You are about to jump into your vehicle for your first summer drive until you realise that the car paint job is not looking quite as immaculate as you remember it…

Because so much attention goes into how our cars will cope mechanically in the cold weather, it’s simple to forget to maintain the bodywork, which may sound vain, but without taking due care and attention to your cars exterior you could end up looking for garage services to re-spray parts of your car which could end up being costly.

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Road salt, sludge and pollution can lead to expensive bodywork repairs. The biggest culprit for any damage to a vehicle over the colder months is salt; it can lead to a number of vehicle troubles. With rust being the biggest. The salt is highly corrosive and if left on the vehicle for a prolonged amount of time will leave you with extensive damage. The wheel arches are at a particularly high risk as they take the full force of any salt and grit flicked up from the road. If not looked after, then the time frame of rust occurring can be quick and vicious. Before the salt is given time to cause this damage, clean your car thoroughly with under spray wash, reducing the amount of salt, which will stay attached over a prolonged period. This rotting or corrosion can also harm the car’s exhaust and muffler systems, coil springs and the frame of the car. This is no joke!

If your paintwork is damaged due to winter wear, then our team at the bodyshop has all the tools and experience available to fix these issues. Amongst other services, we offer a car re-spray to a supreme standard. We can restore your damaged or faded paintjob to pristine condition, meaning that you can drive your car away looking and feeling like it’s just come off the forecourt.

Typically, the windscreen is another area that should be checked regularly for stone damage. A minor chip can quickly grow impairing vision as well as distract your attention while driving. Alternative checks, which can be overlooked frequently, are the wiper blades. Clean them before use so that the not only will there be no damage to the windscreen but also the blades themselves.

If you have discovered any damage to your cars exterior, and require car panel repair or chips in your alloys to imperfect paintwork, do not let your summer driving be affected. Get in touch with the Bodyshop today to ensure that the outside of your car matches the quality of what’s under the bonnet.





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