Winter is Coming… Check Your Car!

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As the weather begins to get colder and the prospect of snowy and icy conditions increase, it is vital to have your car prepared for the worst.  Even for the most cautious of drivers, it is important to be aware of the fact that the colder weather will make driving conditions more challenging, leaving road networks across the UK difficult to navigate and catching out motorists. Thus, I have put together a short checklist to keep you and your car safe on our roads this winter.

  1. Check your tires. Before setting out in snowy and icy conditions it is crucial to check that your tire’s tread depth meets the legal requirement of 1.6mm as well as your tire pressure. Tires with a better tread will give you better grip as opposed to worn out tires which won’t give you that traction you need on wet, icy roads. If your tires happen to be worn, I recommend replacing them with a good set of all-weather tires.


  1. Check your battery. The colder weather conditions make it harder for your battery to operate as efficiently. Thus, I recommend visiting us, here at the Bodyshop, to look over your battery and ensure that you are not left stranded on the side of the road – especially before setting out on a long journey.


  1. Top your car up with anti-freeze. As a general rule of thumb, your anti-freeze should be replaced every two years. But even if it wasn’t that long ago since you last had it replaced, I recommend visiting your nearest petrol station, as it is quite handy to have in your car anyway.


  1. Fill your car up with fuel.  During snowy conditions, traffic is bound to come to a standstill eventually, so I recommend that you always fill your tank with fuel – especially before heading out on long journeys. Being stuck on the side of the motorway in zero degree conditions is not ideal.


  1. Check your brake pads and discs. Your cars braking system is probably the most important safety feature. With the conditions being icy and increasingly wet, braking distances will be reduced. Therefore, I recommend getting in touch with us here at the garage to put a healthy set of brake pads on your car and ensure your safety.


  1. Prepare for the unexpected.  When driving in such dangerous conditions, it is best to prepare for the worst by having a kit of essential belongings in the boot of your car should your vehicle break down in the middle of nowhere. Such items should include: a torch, food, first aid kit, ice scraper, emergency phone charger, extra clothes to keep warm and a blanket. Before you leave the house, perhaps it is also worth making sure that your phone is fully charged in case you need to make an emergency phone call.

The safety of our clients is imperative. Should you need us to look over your car before the weather conditions become unbearable feel free to get in touch with us, at the Bodyshop.

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